31 May 2021

Our Garden Management

Horticulture is the art of garden cultivation and management and kanara export are the picasso of this art colouring the world greener.

Here is why and how;

We understand and incorporate cultivation by devoting our time to improve and stabilize the production of crops. Soil fertility is maintained by heavy application of manures and fertilizers. Most of the work is done by Manual labour. The gardens are scientifically managed to achieve optimum yields and handsome returns.

Especially post-harvest produce, we transport quickly for packaging thereby ensuring newly harvested produce remains fresh for use. Our dedicated workers make sure, temperature and humidity is controlled for refrigerated transport before loading. The entire process is supervised at all stages of the process.

Our cultural operations such as propagation, training, pruning and harvesting are skilled operations and specific to horticulture crops aligning with quality seeds, insecticides and large acres of nurseries. Owing to these factors, our products are made at the best quality. Due to the stability of soil, it’s fertility and the nature of subsoil in our lands we were able to build up the opportunity not only to deliver products to a wide range of valued customers but also by-products of horticulture that are important raw materials for many industries