About Us

About Us

Kanara Exports

Who we are & What We Do

Kanara Exports is Sri Lankan leading horticulture company which engaged in exporting Cut foliage, plants, Cut flowers and Coir products since 1998. We are able to meet our customer demand by our 40 acres nurseries located in north western province and western province in Sri Lanka. Also, we are operating two State of art packing centers which are located in Nattandiya which is only 15 KM to the International airport and another Packing center located in Colombo which is only 6 Km to the international sea port. These packing centers give us strategic advantage when exporting our products around the world through Airways and Seaways. 

Currently we are exporting our high quality products to mainly the Netherlands, Germany, UK , Japan and Middle east countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Oman. 

Kanara Exports provides on time, high quality , Customized products to our customers and always caters to our esteemed customers’ requirements and provides the best service to them.

Our Mission & Vision

To provide customers with high quality  products, reliable service and make the world green through our environmentally friendly products and improve the standard of living in Sri Lanka by providing employment and gaining foreign exchange to the country is Our Mission.

To become Sri Lanka’s best Cut foliage and Plants exporting Company is Our Vision.