08 June 2021

Embellishments of Nature

What is this cut foliage? A question, I’m sure occurred to all of us, at least once. So, without further ado let’s get started.

Cut greenery is used worldwide for decorative purposes. Typical uses are in vase displays, wreaths and garlands. The industry is rapidly growing and creating strong linkages between developing and developed nations.

Evergreen plants with green, silver or variegated leaves are usually used and species with berries are now also becoming popular. Foliage can play an important role in arrangements. Ferns, ornamental grasses, hostas and other leaves make wonderful additions to any bouquet.
We are able to supply a rich variety of temperate and tropical types of cut foliage and are therefore, fully geared to meet export orders throughout the year regardless of seasonality. Both native and exotic Mother plants are used for the production of foliage and decorative plants.
Proper harvesting and care of foliages after harvest are important to maximize the vast life and ensure a high quality product. We store the products in a cold storage throughout the supply chain to keep it fresh. The simple method of cooling the produce is to stand them in buckets of preservative solutions in a cold room. Room-cooled produce that re-warm during packaging may also benefit from subsequent cooling within the carton. Rapid cooling methods involving free moisture such as hydro-cooling, top-icing and liquid icing are not appropriate for cut flowers and foliage. Thus, we refrain from using such methods. We cut the foliage in a cool part of the day like early morning and late afternoon. These times of the day are more desirable to proteas to help minimise leaf blackening. We would assure the highest quality since our products are tolerant to the stresses of long shipping