22 May 2021

"Gardening" or is it?

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Let me tell you all about it!

Horticulture impacts widely on human activities, more than it’s popular understanding as merely “gardening” would indicate. It needs to be recognised as a matrix of inter-relationships. In this article, I’ll walk you through the prominence of horticulture alongside our (Kanara Exports) contribution to the industry, since 1998.

Horticulture is the fastest growing sector within agriculture. It contributes in poverty alleviation, nutritional security and has ample scope for farmers to increase their income and helpful in sustaining large numbers of agro-based industries which generate huge employment opportunities.

The development of horticulture has become a major social aspiration in many developing countries more than ever before. This has manifested in various kinds of advances on the agricultural front. These crops are rich sources of vitamins and minerals.

We in, Karana Exports can successfully produce and market our own product as we are already popular in manufacturing and exporting of cut foliage, plants and coir products over 23 years expanding our borders to mainly, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Japan and Middle East countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Oman.

Countries purchasing cut flowers and foliages expect high quality goods for lower costs and that they have a long life so they can be sold to consumers.

And yes my dear ladies and gentlemen, that is precisely what we offer and more!

In Sri Lanka, the warm and sunny climate allows the cultivation of a wide range of flowers. The seeds of different plants are sown in different periods of the year which helps us in maintaining a constant supply of plants to our esteemed customers.

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